Jeevachaithanyan Sivanandan

" Attadīpo Bhava "

Gotama Buddha


Since 2009, I have worked on various web applications and content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Concrete 5, and Processwire to develop modern and efficient web solutions for Corporate Business Vendors, Online News Portal / Web Magazines, various Institutions, and E-Commerce..

I am a full-stack web application developer with a special love for front-end UI/UX.

As a Digital Consultant, I conduct digital awareness classes/seminars to empower the underprivileged, digitally un-educated mass, to make them equipped with E-Governance and various other computer / IT-enabled public services.


PHP & Laravel

The elephant in the room that no one can ignore. PHP 8+ is super blazing fast, mixing with Laravel is the best tool for any web-application development.

I have worked with Laravel to build a full-stack application. I have built a REST API and connected it to the front end using Vue.JS.

JavaScript & Vue

The language of the WEB, JavaScript, is everywhere and I love to code with it. The ES6+ version has amazing features for all kinds of application development.

I love Vue.JS because of its simplicity and scaling capabilities. Vue3 with composition API is amazing. I created a bespoke frontend for this WordPress website using Vue.JS.

Docker & Git

Isolate the stack and run it everywhere. Docker is one of the basic tools for me to develop applications.

Version control has never been easier than Git. It has a lot of features that I have yet to explore.

MariaDB & MongoDB

The defacto choice for traditional SQLDatabase. I have used MariaDB and its predecessor for decades.

I like to work with MongoDB whenever I have some project that I can use NoSQL Database.