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As a web designer/developer, I have been into front-end development, web applications and content management systems such as Wordpress, Joomla and Processwire since 2011.I design and develop modern and efficient web solutions for corporates business vendors,various institutions,e-commerce and individuals. My areas of expertise are PHP/LAMP Stack, HTML5, Processwire and Open Source Frameworks. Please feel free to check out some of my previous projects and drop in a message with your queries.

I provide Digital Marketing for business vendors. Lead generation, digital brand creation and marketing your products or services, monitoring and managing the google search console of your website and report generation are some of the tasks I can take up.

I am a digital Consultant, trainer. I shall conduct digital awareness classes / seminars to empower the underprivileged, digitally un-educated mass, to make them equipped with the E-Governance and various other computer / IT enabled public services. Digital Divide is a social problem of India.

I offer below services...

CMS & Web Design Development

Content Management System tools are important to manage coroporate level business websites. It helps to seperate the technical programming and content of the website. A non-technical resource person can manage the contents of the website and update it without worrying much about the technical things such as an Online News Portal website. If you need a business website with industry leading CMS engines like wordpress or ProcessWire, please contact me.

Some of my Portfolio :P K Rosi Foundation | Kerala Logistics & Shipping | BimsoftGlobal | Mount Carmel Convent Anglo-Indian Girls High School | ThinkSights | Wings Robotics

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Web Design for Mobile Screens

Web design trends are always changing. You will have to update the design of your existing website as per the latest standards. Mobile friendly designs are the industry standard now, which means the website layout will automatically adpat the various screensize of devices you use as in Ipad, Mobile phone, Tablet etc. Please contact me if you have an existing website that requires a re-design.

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Online Commerce is the booming trend in corporate world, anything and everything can be sold through internet gateways. Please contact me if you need to start an e-commerce portal.

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Digital Humanities Trainer

Information Technology is an integral part of the social life. Understanding about The Digital Governance is a basic requirement now. I can take awareness classes and seminars about the importance of digital humanities, E-governance and skills to utilize them and more.

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" Men are mortal. So are ideas.

An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering."

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