Jeevachaithanyan Sivanandan

" Attadīpo Bhava "

Gotama Buddha


I am an experienced Software Engineer with 10 years of expertise in translating business requirements into software solutions and driving technology adoption through research and innovation. I am deeply passionate about frontend UI/UX development, specializing in crafting exceptional user experiences using JavaScript (VueJs and/or React.js) and CSS.

My skills are PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJs, VueJS, MySQL, HTML5, CSS + TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, Git, AWS, FireBase, Docker, GNU/Linux, REST API, Python

Work Experience

  • Led customized development projects on the Odoo ERP framework using Python, enhancing system functionality and efficiency. Implemented front-end customization for Odoo applications, incorporating JavaScript to improve user interfaces.
  • Adapted and customized a jQuery-based drawing tool for ophthalmology medical diagnosis in the OpenEyes project, contributing to precise medical imaging solutions. Successfully transferred an existing ReactJS front-end application to a VueJS app with TailwindCSS, improving the overall user experience and responsiveness.
  • Developed a robust backend application API in the Laravel Framework for the OpenEyes project, ensuring seamless communication between various system components. Utilized Git/GitHub for effective source code management, facilitating collaboration and version control among the development team. Deployed Dockerized container applications to Testing, UAT, and Live servers, ensuring smooth and reliable application deployment.
  • Created a Laravel E-Commerce application for Bamboo Products, incorporating Stripe payment integration for secure and streamlined transactions. Established a mobile-responsive PHP Online Education Portal, providing an accessible and user-friendly platform for online learning. Developed CMS websites in WordPress and ProcessWire, leveraging content management systems for efficient website administration.
  • Deployed applications to Google Firebase and Amazon AWS cloud servers, ensuring scalability and reliability in cloud-based environments. Designed mobile-responsive websites using HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap, creating visually appealing and accessible user interfaces.
  • Developed bespoke applications in the CodeIgniter PHP framework and WordPress for Photography and Real Estate Clients, addressing specific industry needs. Conducted thorough client requirements gathering and translated them into software architecture, selecting appropriate tools and modules to meet project objectives.
  • Managed a small team of developers, providing leadership and guidance to ensure project success and team cohesion. Developed a CorePHP application to catalog CCTV images and videos, implementing FFMPEG encoding for efficient archiving and retrieval.


  • TypeScript
  • FastAPI Framework
  • GoLang
  • WebGL
  • SSR frameworks (Next.js, Nuxt)
  • WASM